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Book Club



Author: Rose Fass


Overview: Continuing our emphasis on what we heard at OWS 17, the pace of change is increasing. Disruption and disintermediation are rules of the game. Companies face challenges not only from the outside but also from the inside. They have to affect a change where everyone in the company is aligned to the common goal and objective.


To make this possible, leaders have to be “leaders” and know how to have every conversation be a step towards accomplishing the change. It is all about that one conversation with each other. All of these conversations lead to creating a team that is cohesive, aligned and motivated. This is the book that delivers the recipe for those conversations.




“Not your typical title for a business book, yet there’s much to gain underneath the cover. Rose, with her extensive experience in creating change and managing to transform culture, has documented her approach and thoughts in this easy to read book. I had the privilege of working with her at Xerox where we were in the middle of a cultural and technical transformation. Many of her teachings in this book have been proven in some of the toughest environment and have successfully led to the change desired. This is not just a theory book but it is a practical approach and full of anecdotes – and humor too. ” – Jag Dalal, COP, Chief Advisor, Thought Leadership, IAOP

“True brilliance is not about developing complex theories or pontificating about of piles of research reporting out on what has already happened. True brilliance is about simplifying complex issues and harnessing people’s energy to change the world. In that light, The Chocolate Conversation is simply brilliant.” – Martha Delehanty, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Verizon Enterprise Solutions

“My senior leadership team was formed through acquisitions, restructuring and a compelling need to reinvent our business. We had a clear mission, or so we thought. Instead, our team was fragmented and we needed help. In walks a dynamic, insightful woman asking us to define “chocolate!” It triggered a conversation that led us to recognize the past victories would not take us into the future – and to instead frame a unified strategy and focused actions. We got the job done.” – Karen T. Cone, General Manager, WW Financial Services, Microsoft


“The Chocolate Conversation is a must-read and field manual for anyone setting out to change their company. From the heart and hand of the master change-maker herself. Rose Fass shares her warmth and wit, down-to-earth style, and galvanizing authority on every page.” Kevin Allen, Founder and CEO, re:kap and author of WSJ best-seller The Hidden Agenda

Book Topics:


The book’s nine chapters and addendum take you through the reason for change to how to make it happen:

Available formats: Print and digital versions.


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  • Death by Chocolate – The three ingredients to a Chocolate Conversation, and how to avoid having them
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – How to establish a third identity
  • Addicted to Relevance – Stay relevant using the Four Considerations of Business
  • It Starts with You – The Chocolate Conversation exercise
  • Why Do Good People Have Bad Conversations? – Help your people get the picture immediately with simple, clear language
  • Go There! – Prepare for the hard conversations by providing context to reduce the chances of having a Chocolate Conversation
  • Message Discipline – Use message discipline by crafting your message, listening to your people, and driving them to action
  • Extending Your Professional Reach – How to use the Spheres, Technical, Social, Political to drive emotional intelligence
  • Change is Bittersweet – Identify the change that’s needed in your organization

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