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CEO Letter



Greetings from Florida where our team at IAOP is excited to present the 21st edition of the Outsourcing World Summit! A sunny warm welcome to our many valued members and new attendees who have traveled from over 40 countries to be part of this amazing event.


We are delighted to have you here to spend the next few days at the beautiful Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld. Together, we’ll embark on continuous learning and endless opportunities to connect and collaborate, and from there, go on to conquer in this fast-changing world. For the day-by-day breakdown of the full line-up of all the happenings, be sure to read our OWS18 Guide.


Speaking of Renaissances, our industry is in the midst of a rebirth. I am reminded of when IAOP was founded in 2005 as the first association for professionals working in outsourcing. We were on the dawn of something new, exciting and largely undiscovered. I have the same feelings now as outsourcing continues to morph and grow with different models, disruptive technologies and ever-increasing risk.

Many of you have been with us since the start and I thank you. IAOP remains the leader and continues today in our uniquely valuable role of bringing together a community of customers, advisors and providers to collaborate and take on whatever comes next.

For more perspectives on outsourcing’s transformation and how to navigate this new road, read Jag Dalal’s article “Buckle Up. Times are Changing” in our Knowledge Center. Another timely read is “Blockchain Will Transform Business Operations: Start Preparing Now,” from our experts at Accenture.


OWS18 will be packed with insights, practical advice and knowledge from visionaries and thought leaders. In our special issue of View from the Academics, our members who working in research and teaching offer their visions on outsourcing’s future, the top trends to watch, how to stay competitive and the latest areas of study they are delving into.


We also hear from our most esteemed professionals who will be recognized for their contributions to innovative management practices and collaborative business models as well as society at-large through measurable outcomes with their inductions into the IAOP Leadership Hall of Fame. Read our interviews with the newest members to join outsourcing’s greatest ranks: Tiger Tyagarajan, CEO of Genpact; Atul Vashistha, COP, CEO of Neo Group and Supply Wisdom and sourcingboard.org founder; and Andy Walter, former Global IT Chief of Procter & Gamble.


The 2018 inductees will be honored at a gala lunch during the Summit along with the winners of our inaugural Global Impact in Sourcing Award. For more on how these companies are making a difference by creating job opportunities in underserved areas, read our story on the GISA awardees. Congratulations to Digital Divide Data, Teleperformance, Microsoft and Avasant Foundation for receiving this new and important honor.


Also in this issue, discover Latin America in our Regional Site Tracker; see what our Women Empowerment chapter has been focused on a year since its formation in our Chapter Roundup; meet our newest Certified Outsourcing Professionals in the Upside; and check out our regular features, The Beat, Taking the PULSE and the O Book Club.


A huge thank you to IAOP’s strategic advisory board members, Summit track chairs and hosts, chapter chairs, sponsors, regional advisory boards, committees, speakers, delegates and our members who make the continued success of OWS possible. I look forward to spending some time with you in Orlando.


P.S. – Share your live photos, speaker quotes, updates and highlights on social media using #IAOP, #OWS18, #IAOPOWS18 and #GO100. To demonstrate your support for our diversity and inclusion initiatives led by our Women Empowerment chapter, use the hashtags #WEinclude and #WEarediverse.


Be sure to stop back here at PULSE online for continuing coverage of OWS and our archives site for all our past issues at www.pulsearchives.net.





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