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OWS19 Highlights: Keynoters Speak on Transformation

By: Sandy Frinton, Editor, PULSE Magazine



When the business model of giants like General Electric, Sears and P&G are shaken by more agile competitors and new technologies, the message is clear: Disruption can impact any company, of any size or age, at any time.

“No company is too big to be disrupted,” says Andy Walter, COP, Board Director & Strategic Advisor, AJW-Advisory LLC. “The folks that have embraced disruption and have made changes are winning.”

Equally so, no one company can survive today’s changing times on their own. Strategic partners are not only essential, having the right team of both internal and external providers with strong leaders guiding them makes all the difference.

“You can’t do it alone,” he says. “I am a big believer, more so now, that a hybrid model is critical. You have to have the right players internally and externally. You have to have much stronger leaders than have been historical.”

Andy Walter, OWS19 Keynote Speaker

In his prior role as Vice President of Global Shared Services & IT at Procter & Gamble and now as an advisor to global leaders, Walter has seen how having the strong leadership and buy-in of committed stakeholders – along with digital technologies that make it all possible – can truly transform businesses.

“Armed with the right capabilities, expertise, and operating models, leading Shared Services organizations and their strategic partners are in a position to transform and digitize not only traditional back office but business processes across the enterprise,” he says.

Walter – an industry visionary, P&G game changer and 2018 Leadership Hall of Fame inductee – will share his expertise during a keynote address at OWS19 on The Role of Shared Services in the Digital Transformation of Companies.


The sourcing approaches that originally started in the back office (finance, procurement and HR) to low-cost geographies have now moved to the front office (marketing, analytics and M&A activities) and can be done anywhere with digital technologies.

Along with that shift is a new sense of urgency by senior leaders to deliver top- and bottom-line results, and a realization that changes have to be made.

“Senior leadership is now willing to explore areas of shared services and an approach that they weren’t willing to do before because they have no choice,” he says.

As an example, Walter worked with Walmart to advise the retailing giant on getting the right team in place for a shared service strategy. It took just under a week. The reason, he says: Walmart and its C-level were ready to make a big change because they were being disrupted by Amazon and had to take action.

New digital technologies – including automation and artificial intelligence – also are making things possible that weren’t before. Business models like direct-to-consumer and subscriptions for e-businesses can now be executed using cloud-based and digital technologies. “It’s a bit of perfect storm – the business need and also the agile, cloud-based models are there,” Walter says.

For more, attend Walter’s keynote on Feb. 18, from 1 to 2 p.m.


The transformation conversation will continue immediately following Walter’s presentation with a keynote presentation by HCL from 2 to 3 p.m. Hear lessons from Ian Fox, Head of Media Operations, Manchester United, and Anand Birje, Corporate Vice President and Global Head, Digital & Analytics, HCL Technologies about how digital transformation has fundamentally changed how their companies operate and deliver value.


Get a game plan from the state of Georgia on how to be ready for and combat against cyber attacks during this three-part keynote Feb. 19, from 10:30 to 11:45 a.m. Learn how the government has successfully partnered with experts to bolster cybersecurity.

Moderator: Atul Vashistha, COP, Chair, Neo Group.

Panelists: •Mark Latham, Sourcing Governance Officer, Georgia Technology Authority •Dean Johnson, Chief Operating Officer, Georgia Technology Authority •Steve Nichols, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer, State of Georgia • Jeff Strane, Director of Enterprise Management, Georgia Technology Authority •Eric Toler, Executive Director, Georgia Cyber Center • Jeff Rogers, Senior Security Manager & Chief Risk Officer, Service Integration, Capgemini •Nat Bongiovanni, CTO, NTT DATA Federal Services


Technology and demographics are radically altering the foundations of current businesses and professions. Understanding the dynamics of driving forces and managing change will be crucial, and will directly impact outsourcing decision making and delivery of service.

An elite panel of IAOP Leadership Hall of Fame members will share their views on how the landscape of outsourcing will be changing and what do businesses have to look forward to remaining relevant on Feb. 20, from 10:30 to 11:45 a.m.


Jag Dalal, COP, COP-GOV, Chief Advisor, Thought Leadership, IAOP, will moderate the panel that also will feature Gregg Kirchhoefer, Partner, Kirkland & Ellis LLP; and David Brown, Global Lead, Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory, KPMG.


Flexibility and community are top desires of today’s 21st Century workplace and WeWork is delivering on that through its model that provides shared workspaces for businesses of all sizes. Hear from Craig Robinson, Global Head of Enterprise Services, Powered by We Services, WeWork, on how the company is transforming the world of corporate real estate during this keynote talk on Feb. 20, 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. Fano will share how competitive pricing, high adaptability, as well as great locations and amenities can contribute to higher productivity and motivation for employees and ultimately grow the bottom line.


New regulations and trends might make it seem like it’s hard to make a business case to innovate. This panel of experts will show you that it’s possible to make things happen while complying with the law.

John Bree, Senior Vice President and Partner, NeoGroup will moderate this panel on Feb. 19, from 4:45 to 5:45 PM. Panelists sharing their expertise include Bradley Killinger, CEO, Sapience; and Punit Bhatia, Author, Be Ready for GDPR. Among the topics that will be discussed are data privacy laws like the General Data Protection Regulation OWS19 in Europe.

About the Author: Sandy Frinton is the Editor-in-Chief of PULSE Magazine.

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