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IAOP, in partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation, will present its inaugural Global Impact Sourcing Awards recognizing industry professionals who are leaders in Impact Sourcing during a luncheon at OWS18 on Feb. 20. This award recognizes emerging pioneers to larger providers and customers as well as influencing advisor organizations for impacting local communities by creating jobs in the BPO industry in underserved areas.  


And the 2018 GISA winners are:

Impact Sourcing Pioneer: Digital Divide Data (DDD)

Founded in 2001 with operations in Cambodia, Laos, and Kenya, DDD is recognized worldwide for having pioneered Impact Sourcing. DDD addresses the education and skills gap among disadvantaged youth through its comprehensive Work-Study Program, which includes training, employment, professional development and academic scholarships. The company recruits youth from disadvantaged families, including men and women with disabilities. Since its inception, more than 2,500 youth from these underserved markets have graduated from DDD’s Work-Study Program. Apart from providing associates with gainful employment in the formal sector, DDD has economically empowered them to provide for their families, indirectly improving the lives of an additional 5,000 individuals.

Impact Sourcing in a Large Organization: Teleperformance

Teleperformance has been recruiting disabled and socioeconomically disadvantaged youth under the age of 26 in developing countries for many years, providing training to develop the skills necessary to match its client’s needs and for the individuals to thrive in the company. In 2014, Teleperformance committed to creating 5,000 Impact Sourcing jobs over five years. By 2016 this goal was surpassed with over 25,000 Impact Sourcing hires. Currently, Teleperformance trains and employs approximately 50,000 individuals worldwide through its Impact Sourcing program. Its impact sourcing talent strategies include the hiring and development of disabled individuals, women, U.S. veterans, active military members and members of their immediate families, individuals who were long-term unemployed and youth without previous formal employment.

Impact Sourcing in a Purchasing Organization:  Microsoft

Impact Sourcing is Microsoft’s preferred sourcing strategy, aligning its mission with its procurement strategy. The company seeks to engage and learn from social enterprise impact sourcing service providers, while extending its model to its own large multi-national suppliers. Microsoft has participated in a cross industry/function stakeholder group to develop Impact Employment metrics, joined in over a dozen business cases on Impact Sourcing, and has committed to engage in Impact Sourcing. Its suppliers have committed to creating thousands of Impact Employment jobs. In fiscal year 2017 Microsoft supported Impact Sourcing projects in 14 countries, including the United States, Kenya, Uganda and India for services such as back-office work and facilities management.

Impact Sourcing Influencer: Avasant Foundation

Avasant has been actively involved in Impact Sourcing since 2008. The Rockefeller Foundation funded Avasant in 2011 to highlight key policy initiatives and incentives that could help to scale the Impact Sourcing sector. The Foundation later worked with and was a grantee of the Rockefeller Foundation’s Digital Jobs Africa Initiative (DJA) in 2015 and educated service providers over two years about the benefits of creating jobs under Impact Sourcing. Through education and partnership, the Avasant Foundation created over 1,300 ICT-enabled jobs in Africa. Its Avasant Digital Youth Employment Initiative provides deserving youth with job-related skills training to enable employment in the leading ICT BPO industries in the Caribbean.

IAOP will present its inaugural Global Impact Sourcing awards during a luncheon at OWS18 on Feb. 20.

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