Global Dexterity

Author: Andy Molinsky, Brandeis University International Business Professor



It’s been said that “all business is global business.” Yet, most everyone struggles to live in this global business environment because our cultural differences separate us. Conventional wisdom says that the key to successful cultural adaptation is learning about how another culture is different from yours.  The author stresses a reality that the key to successful cultural adoption is learning how to change YOUR behavior to account for those differences. Further Molinsky contradicts the belief that you cannot easily break your own cultural tendencies and says that our own cultural tendencies are more malleable than we imagine.



“From the beginning of outsourcing, we have always questioned assimilation of cultures between the two parties –and especially if one of them belongs to a different nation/culture. Cultural assimilation programs that I have seen focus exclusively on ‘understanding’ the other culture rather than learning how to adapt to those cultural traits. Many often downplay this adoption by claiming it to be a ‘soft, touchy-feely’ concept. The author of Global Dexterity provides six easy to understand and distinguishable dimensions to clearly diagnose these differences and learn from them. The book is full of anecdotes and examples that bring these concepts to life. I intend to take some of these concepts and include them in the OWS2.0 Advanced COP workshop.” – Jag Dalal, Chief Advisor, Thought Leadership IAOP

“The future will be shaped by people who can effectively live and work across cultural differences. Andy Molinsky provides a series of simple and effective tools for helping people understand where cultural differences come from and for helping us, as individuals, develop our own capacity to bridge those differences effectively. Global dexterity is an important concept, and this is an important book.” - Adam Weinberg, President and CEO, World Learning

Global Dexterity provides a clear road map to conquer the quest for cultural diversity, which is critical in today’s flat world. The self-assessment on identifying cultural gaps and working on a personal mindset to overcome them will prove handy to anyone working in a new cultural environment.” – Mansi Madan Tripathy, Chief Marketing Officer, Shell India

Global Dexterity_Andy Molinksy

Global Dexterity Topics:

The book is divided into three parts:

  1. Why global dexterity matters
  2. How to develop your own global dexterity
  3. Fine-tuning your global dexterity


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