Chapter Spotlight: Social Responsibility in Outsourcing (SRO)

Recent Event: April 2019 Special Webinar Topic – “Impact Sourcing”

Impact Sourcing 2: IAOP PULSE Outsourcing Magazine

Who’s Leading it: Lead Chair, Jon Browning, CEO, Strategic Sourcing Advisors. Co-Chairs are: Debi Hamill, CEO, IAOP; Sara Enright, Director, Global Impact Sourcing Coalition; Mauricio Odovaine, Head of Outsourcing, Facebook; and Kimberly Smith, Group Procurement Engagement Manager, Microsoft.

Recent events: The SRO Chapter held its inaugural webinar in April featuring 2019 Global Impact Sourcing Award (GISA) Winners. The event featured speakers from Intuit, Samasource, RuralShores, and Harambee, who shared the what, how and why of their Impact Sourcing journeys and programs. (For more, see our GISA winner profiles in this issue). Sara Enright, Program Director, Global Impact Sourcing Coalition, provided an update on this global effort to advance Impact Sourcing as a business best practice, as well as advice on how your organization can get started or scale up your Impact Sourcing initiatives in collaboration with peers. If you missed it, to replay the webinar, click here.

Why: IAOP believes Impact Sourcing is an important means for the outsourcing industry to contribute to both business and social benefits, as well as to the economic development of regions from which we source.

What’s it all about: The SRO Chapter is chartered with promoting awareness for how the BPO industry can embrace social responsibility in their business strategy.  The chapter was created to encourage companies to share their success and learnings from implementing various socially responsible models including; impact sourcing, establishing a social mission and tactics, ethical labor practices, sustainability, and industry collaboration. It’s open to all IAOP members.  To get involved, join in a quarterly webinar or meet members at OWS20 in February and another central location this fall.

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