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The Best of the Blog

Sourcing Meets Humanity Meets Good Business

By Kate Tulloch-Hammond

There is a compelling business case for Impact Sourcing, which allows for the least-developed communities of the world to connect to the global economy. Impact Sourcing offers employees their first step onto a career ladder that leads to economic self-sufficiency through income growth, skills development and professional advancement.


In the past, Impact Sourcing existed to create jobs in emerging markets or underserved communities. The coalition’s definition has expanded to reflect the full diversity of inclusive hiring practices across all industries and geographies. Including the long-term unemployed, informally employed and first-term job seekers, it is as much about offering employment for job-seekers in the Rust Belt of the U.S., military veterans or Native Americans, as it is for disadvantaged youth in Africa or refugees.


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More than Just Cost Savings; How to Use IT Outsourcing as Part of Your Strategic Vision

By Fatmir Hyseni

Although companies find it difficult to optimize the technology, companies that succeed are the ones that regard outsourcing as a method to improve service delivery, speed time to market and speed implementation of new technologies, boost innovation and make better decisions. Successful organizations see outsourcing not as a cost-saving tactic, but as a means and catalyst of change and transformation of an organization in a digital way.


For one thing, it is easy to argue that outsourcing should not be seen mainly as a cost saving method, but for improving the shareholder value. In today’s highly competitive world, the attention has shifted from cost to speed, speed to value and speed to a better ROI. The shift has been so huge in the tech world that there is more emphasis on bringing value to agility and flexibility, not staying in the old business model’s mode where those things are difficult to be agile and cost effective and hard to measure the business impact.


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A Roadmap for the Outsourcing Journey

By Kate Vitasek

A Vested contract is first and foremost built using a flexible contractual framework. This is because modern business is not static. Rather, business happens, constantly and unpredictably. A great outsourcing contract embraces the dynamic nature of business versus creating a rigid contractual framework that puts the parties in a box.


A key purpose of The Vested Outsourcing Manual is to translate “how” to take the five rules and write them into a formal contract. Researchers mapped 10 contractual “elements” to the rules. The elements work in conjunction with the Five Rules and in essence become the signposts that direct the company and service provider to a successful, long-term relationship.


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The Reincarnation of Outsourcing: From Disruption to Domination 


Kate Vitasek is an Author, educator and architect of the Vested business model, Faculty, Graduate & Executive Education, University of Tennessee

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