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A Look Back at EOS18

Did you miss EOS18? Hearing lots about GDPR but still not sure what to do? We have answers for you. Listen to a live recording of the presentation given in Brussels on Outsourcing in the Days of GDPR by Punit Bhatia, Privacy and Protection Advisor and Author of Be Ready for GDPR: Let Us Check Your Readiness for General Data Protection Regulation.

Here’s what Bhatia had to say about the European conference in June: “I find IAOP events to have the right mix of content, new ideas and networking. Also, one gets to meet vendors. Having attended the Outsourcing World Summit a few years back, I attended EOS18 and I am glad to have made this choice. As always, the IAOP team is very engaging and takes personal care of each delegate.”

Heard at EOS18

“At EOS18 in Brussels, I engaged with the most interesting outsourcing and cooperation experts in discussions that really matter who inspired me to see possibilities where I didn’t see them before.”Arjan Boes, Unit Manager at the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the Netherlands

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Solving the Sourcing Innovation Conundrum

I Want a Divorce: What Do You Do When Your Outsourcing Marriage Turns into a Love/Hate Relationship?

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The Best of the Blog

Impact Sourcing 2: IAOP PULSE Outsourcing Magazine

Sourcing Meets Humanity Meets Good Business

By Kate Tulloch-Hammond

There is a compelling business case for Impact Sourcing, which allows for the least-developed communities of the world to connect to the global economy. Impact Sourcing offers employees their first step onto a career ladder that leads to economic self-sufficiency through income growth, skills development and professional advancement.


In the past, Impact Sourcing existed to create jobs in emerging markets or underserved communities. The coalition’s definition has expanded to reflect the full diversity of inclusive hiring practices across all industries and geographies. Including the long-term unemployed, informally employed and first-term job seekers, it is as much about offering employment for job-seekers in the Rust Belt of the U.S., military veterans or Native Americans, as it is for disadvantaged youth in Africa or refugees.


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Next Generation Outsourcing 2: IAOP PULSE Outsourcing Magazine

The Next Generation of Outsourcing

By Vishal Khanna

How collaborating for downstream commercial activities can drive value, agility and optimize business operations across the biopharma commercial organization.

In the coming years, biopharma companies will face increasing pressure, both financial and through the pace of technological change, to adopt commercial operations outsourcing to maintain competitive advantage.


For decades, all industry segments have taken advantage of outsourcing. By tapping the infrastructure and expertise of external partners, companies are able to cut time and cost from their production processes, optimize the business, and more rapidly adapt to shifting customer and market needs. It also frees them to focus more resources on their core expertise, which drives innovation and makes the brand more resilient.


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