Taking The Pulse - PULSE MAGAZINE
PULSE is the official global sourcing magazine of IAOP® and offers the latest advice, knowledge, and best practices to engage, inspire and challenge.
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Taking The Pulse


Introducing the PULSEcast Series!

IAOP Interviews with Global Leaders in the Field of Outsourcing

PULSEcast #1: Certification & Training – A Q&A with Sherry Jost, COP

Published on Jan 2, 2018. Welcome to IAOP’s inaugural PULSEcast session! Today, Dana Corbett, IAOP’s Director of Research, Training & Certification, interviews Sherry Jost, COP, and Strategic Sourcing Consultant, about all things COP and training!

Other IAOP video highlights

IAOP’s Women Empowerment Chapter Launch

A panel discussion on women’s empowerment issues and impacts, led by IAOP’s CEO, Debi Hamill and featuring: Sarah Wiseman, EVP, JLL; Michael Nacarato, COP, Freedom Mortgage; and University of Tennessee’s Kate Vitasek, international authority for her award-winning research and Vested® business model for highly collaborative and strategic relationships.

Learn more! Visit the IAOP YouTube Station.

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