Knowledge Collective Corner

IAOP’s Elite Experts to Deliver Webinars Through New Community

Forward Thinking, Thought Provoking Content

IAOP’s power has always been its people – the brain trust of bright customers, advisors, providers, academia and other experts who make up our industry-leading association.


At our Summits and live events, it’s easy to see the synergies that come from the collaboration between members who have different roles in outsourcing relationships as they openly share real-life experiences, lessons learned and other advice. It’s energizing.


Imagine tapping into that collective knowledge regularly throughout the year in a virtual environment to learn the latest on hot-button, cutting-edge issues. IAOP has formed a new community to do just that and deliver forward-thinking, thought-provoking content to its members.


IAOP is excited to launch its new Knowledge Collective made up of Buyer, Provider and Advisor Corporate Members who have acted as Chapter Chairs in the Global Chapter Network as well as members from our Strategic Advisory Board (SAB).


“The Knowledge Collective truly represents IAOP’s thought leaders and they will drive the direction of the content delivered to our members and the industry at-large through regular monthly webinars,” said IAOP CEO Debi Hamill. “Our collaborative community has always been what makes IAOP so unique and dynamic. Harnessing that power on a broader scale so it is more accessible, cohesive and visible to all will provide even greater value for our membership.”


In addition to the broader webinars that will interest all members, special webinars that are based on more specific topics or a geography will also be presented by subgroups, which are smaller communities within the Knowledge Collective.


“The subgroups are an evolution for our current active chapters to continue delivering outstanding content,” Hamill said, noting that subgroups do not need a formal chair structure and may form organically.


Subgroups also may drive “meet-ups” for members and the industry at-large to get together in certain regions informally.


To connect with like-minded individuals and stay informed on the latest happenings, the current Chapter LinkedIn page will evolve into IAOP Communities. Both members and non-members of the Collective and subgroups are encouraged to share content in these groups.


For more information, be sure to follow this new Knowledge Collective Corner section in PULSE.

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