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Dear Members and Friends,


Happy 2019! The new year is traditionally a time to take stock of where you’ve been and chart the year to come.


As CEO I am proud to share that vision with you. IAOP is as strong and vibrant as ever. We are grateful for our increased corporate memberships and continued interest in all our offerings – from events like this annual Summit to our robust chapter network and training/certification programs. Thank you for your involvement and engagement over the past year.

Whether you are reading this message as a customer, provider or advisor, a long-time member or a first-timer to OWS, know you have a place here in this association where you find a network of like-minded professionals, best practices, resources and tools that will enable you to thrive in your work.

Our commitment to our members’ professional needs will never change. What has changed and continues to change is the world around us. When we started IAOP more than two decades ago, we defined the management practice we worked in simply as outsourcing. This is the foundation from which we’ve grown.


Today, our members work in organizations that are using all types of collaborative service delivery models that have different names – Global Business Services (GBS), sourcing, shared services, digital transformation, RPA, and so on.


Looking ahead to the future, there are sure to be many other models and ways of doing business that will come and go. Pay no matter to the nomenclature. What you call the model doesn’t matter. Relationships and collaboration do.


Business transformation is the end-goal we all share in common. IAOP will help you achieve that. That’s where IAOP provides its greatest value. Our association is and will continue to be about bringing together people (professionals like you!) representing all sides of business relationships to learn and gain the knowledge needed to transform your organizations. This collaboration is our core.


Our annual gatherings and events throughout the year will continue to address the latest trends that impact your businesses – be it the arrival of robots, disruptive technologies or exciting new futuristic opportunities in different areas you never even imagined.


As members, you’ll take what you learn, bring it back to your organizations and help create meaningful transformation. Now that’s pretty powerful in today’s competitive world.


So, as we gather in Florida for OWS19, our 22nd annual Summit, I invite you to share your expertise, learn from others, network, form relationships and take advantage of all the collective knowledge our global association brings together for you.


We are proud of our roots and our core is solid. IAOP is the association that will help you harness your collaborative relationships to transform your businesses. Together, we are IAOP.


Cheers to collaborating with you!





Debi Hamill



Sandy Frinton



Jag Dalal,



Kate Tulloch-Hammond


Senior Managing Director,
Strategy & Program Integration

Kim Maneeley




Scott Douglas
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