Getting Involved and Making a Difference

As IAOP members, you have a tremendous number of opportunities to get involved in our association in large or smaller ways – whether it’s serving on a board or committee, taking on a leadership role in a chapter that you are passionate about, volunteering to judge an awards program or sharing your expertise by speaking at an event.

With IAOP’s broad range of interest areas, you are sure to find one that resonates with you. Getting involved will make a difference to you personally and professionally. The many payoffs in rewards and relationships will be worth the time invested.

Following that same advice, I am pleased to recently join the advisory board of two nonprofits that I care about and whose missions align with what we are doing at IAOP: Solutions for Youth Employment (S4YE) and the Global Mentorship Initiative (GMI).


S4YE is a multi-stakeholder coalition among public sector, private sector, civil society actors, government officials, foundations, think tanks, and young people that aims to provide leadership and resources for catalytic action to increase the number of young people engaged in productive work.


This initiative is fueled by the need to address a growing challenge: In the next 10 years, more than 1 billion young people will enter the job market. This means that 5 million jobs are needed per month to accommodate this influx and maintain current employment levels in the developing world.


The S4YE coalition has an explicit commitment to work at least 15 years to achieve its objectives. This timeline is proportionate to the scale of the challenge to understand and address the constraints on employment faced by young people.


The second group, GMI is a non-profit organization created to help youth around the world realize their full potential as they prepare for a lifelong career. Its mentoring programs help build young professional’s confidence and abilities by providing them with international mentors who provide guidance and support as they prepare to enter the professional world.


GMI specifically matches students in high unemployment geographies with business professionals who work in their field of study to provide guidance, business skills, and job opportunities when they graduate.


At IAOP, social responsibility and diversity of leadership talent are two important areas that our association and members are strongly committed to. You’ll see this reflected in our chapters, programs, ongoing events and at OWS 2.0.


I look forward to seeing you in February 2020 in Florida and hope you’ll get involved and make a difference!





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