Congratulations to Our Newly Certified Professionals!

COP Master Class - IAOP PULSE Outsourcing Magazine
COP Master Class - IAOP PULSE Outsourcing Magazine
COP Master Class - IAOP PULSE Outsourcing Magazine
Sushil Somani

Massimo Aldorasi, aCOP, Vendor Analyst, Multiplan
Lita Lominac, aCOP, Director Program-Project Management, USAA
Sachin Malhotra, aCOP, Head of Supplier Strategy and Quality, HERE Technologies
Paul Serna, aCOP, Vendor Relationship Manager, USAA
Sushil Somani, COP, Senior Analyst, HERE Technologies


Join here for the 24/7complimentary recorded 60-minute Certification webinar to understand your certification options and how IAOPs designations can benefit you and your company!


  1. common language between providers, advisors and customers based on the adherence to a professional set of standards
  2. The ability to identify and make informed decisions about qualified providers (customers)
  3. Competitive advantage — building professional capabilities and becoming the service provider of choice (providers)


The COP designation is a point based certification for those with both knowledge and experience in the end-to-end process of outsourcing. Learn more here.


The aCOP designation is a knowledge based designation for those who may not have the full experience points to become a COP. Learn more here


Already a COP? Continue your journey with an advanced COP designation. Learn more here.


IAOP offers customized corporate training

IAOP offers customized corporate training that allows your organization to select the learning modules based on the 10 Outsourcing Professional Standards that are most relevant to your organization.


Choose the learning modules that most interest your company and an IAOP Authorized Trainer will deliver them at your location as a one- or two-day workshop. Or master all of them over a three-day COP Master class on site. These also can be combined with other one day training such as the Outsourcing Governance Workshop.

  1. Defining and Communicating Outsourcing as a Management Practice

  2. Developing and Managing an Organization’s End-to-End Process for Outsourcing

  3. Integrating Outsourcing into an Organization’s Business Strategy and Operations

  4. Creating, Leading and Sustaining High-Performance Outsourcing Project Teams

  5. Developing and Communicating Outsourcing Business Requirements

  6. Selecting Outsourcing Service Providers

  7. Developing the Outsourcing Financial Case and Pricing

  8. Negotiating and Contracting for Outsourcing

  9. Managing the Transition to an Outsourced Environment

  10. Outsourcing Governance

“Being a COP to me I think helps others to have more confidence in what I do and bring to the relationship. It says I care enough to study and keep up on my industry as Its changing so I can bring the most current knowledge and best practices to my clients.”– Jean Hansen, COP, Firstsource Solutions
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