Title: The Contract Professional’s Playbook: The Definitive Guide to Maximizing through Master of Performance- and Outcome-Based Contracting


Author: Jeanette Nyden, J.D. and Lawrence Kane, COP-GOV

Title: Strategic Customer Service: Managing the Customer Experience to Increase Positive Word of Mouth, Build Loyalty, and Maximize Profits


Author: John A. Goodman with Scott Broetzmann

Overview: Performance-based contracts are agreements that identify expected deliverables, performance measures or outcomes, and appropriate techniques to ensure that agreed upon value is received. Outcome-based relationships, on the other hand, seek to deliver identified outcomes (such as innovation) in addition to performance and value. These are the most interdependent, structurally complex customer/supplier relationships.


The Contract Professional’s Playbook (and corresponding eLearning program) walks contract professionals who may be new to complex contracts step-by-step through all aspects of the contract life cycle. Do not be misled; if you mastered commodity contracting and negotiating, you will not have mastered the crucial skills necessary for performance- and outcome-based customer/supplier relationships. Leveraging our vast personal experience you will gain first-hand, practical know-how that answers your most pressing “how to” questions.



“At IAOP, we have found one of the best ways to navigate the increasing complexities is through training, education and professional certification.That is why The Contract Professional’s Playbook and eLearning program is so valuable, timely and essential. Arming yourself with the latest knowledge and expertise from the authors on drafting, negotiating and managing performance-in outcome-based contracts will give you a competitive edge.” — Debi Hamill, CEO of IAOP


“For over three decades I’ve had the privilege of leading the only professional development firm that focuses exclusively on the human side of technology. In that time, I’ve found that procurement professionals must leverage both art and science to drive value for their organizations, translating business imperatives into solicitation documents, negotiating performance-based contracts, and managing supplier relationships. This manual contains dozens of tools to help draft, negotiate,and manage complex contracts that raise the bar for buy-side and sell-side alike.” — Dan Roberts, CEO of Quellette& Associates


“For more than 35 years, I have provided strategic legal advice to some of the world’s leading organizations as they entered into complex outsourcing transactions. In my experience, the contract negotiation process is the last, best chance to get the customer/provider relationship right. Contract professionals should use the contract negotiation process, at a time when the parties are on good terms, to identify the issues that could jeopardize the success of the relationship. They can then deal with those issues by leveraging a well-crafted contract framework to address issues as they arise throughout the term of the deal. While early career practitioners may understand the value of drafting, negotiating, and managing exceptional contracts, they often struggle to master the requisite skills. This comprehensive manual helps structure the negotiation process, thereby minimizing the perilous process of trial-and-error, expediting competency with leading practices and tools that can help reduce risk and speed outcomes for both buy-side and sell-side alike.” — Gregg Kirchhoefer, P.C., IAOP Leadership Hall of Fame Member


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Overview: Outsourcing is all about customer service and meeting customer expectations. We have always struggled with trying to define how to measure, evaluate customer service and create a framework that can be embedded in the outsourcing agreement. In many cases, we have depended on customer satisfaction surveys to measure the impact of service on customers. I have never believed in taking the raw results from such surveys since they are impacted by factors other than customer service. Each customer interaction with the service provider is to be treated as a “moment of truth” and measured as such. This book highlights these notions even further.


In five sections, the book takes us through defining customer service strategically to implementing a process for evaluating and managing customer service. Each section has ample examples from companies such as 3M, GE and Chick-Fil-A that have adopted methodologies and practices as a part of their customer service enhancement programs.



“As the book references, most of the time customer service becomes fire fighting once the customer is not satisfied with the service they have received. In outsourcing governance, we have often talked about the ‘watermelon effect’ – where it is all green on the outside while it is red on the inside. We have also seen that often a dissatisfied customer base directly impacts revenue – both for the provider and eventually the buyer of the service. Strategic Customer Service contains a section on how one can measure the impact of bad service on returning customers and their purchase power.  This section even identifies some metrics for use in the outsourcing agreement. As we discuss ‘value-added outsourcing relationship’ these measures play an important role.” – Jag Dalal, COP, Chief Advisor, Thought Leadership IAOP


“Goodman is a true expert in the field of customer service. By leveraging data to understand our opportunities, he has helped our brand redefine how we care for our customers when they need us the most.” – Vicky Soulimiotis, Senior Manager of customer and market insight, Chick-fil-A


“The new edition of Strategic Customer Service is a must-read for any leader responsible for their organization’s brand and reputation.” – Brad Cleveland, Founding Partner, International Customer Management Institute (ICMI)


Available formats: Print and Digital

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