Cushman & Wakefield
April 25, 2020
Salt Lake City
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Director, Project and Development ServicesJob Description Summary

With account and/or client leadership, ensure that all Project Management deliverables are met including SLA and KPI requirements. Assist in defining immediate and long-term client goals concerning amounts and types of office space that are required over time and a strategy for achieving these objectives in a cost-effective manner.Job Description

Job Description
Essential Functions and Responsibilities
Direct the overall development of new project activities and the activities of all current projects within an assigned geographic region or specific account. Work closely with the National Director or Account Director with regard to proper staffing, future projects, and maintaining proper client relationships
Prepare project reports illustrating conclusions and recommendations and conduct meetings with owners and project team members to resolve issues during the project design development stages. Participate in structuring the selection of the interior architects and other professionals and advise client on final recommendations. Evaluate existing and proposed project sites and facilities with respect to program requirements. Ensure the resolution of programming issues through project completion
Advise the client and other members of the project team with respect to base building and interior project management. Evaluate and critique the progress of design development, budget and schedule from a client point of view – recognizing that base building and interiors issues overlap and are part of an integrated system
Refine existing Client Solutions Project Management services to meet potential client requirements. Communicate and promote these services to potential clients and to other C&W professionals
Observe corporate policies and procedures
Maintain high qualitative and quantitative standards of work performance
Strive constantly to improve skill and work knowledge; keep up to date in the field of specialization
Cooperate with other personnel to achieve corporate goals and objectives as to quality, service, cost and profit
Report to immediate supervisor(s) major problems and findings and results achieved with recommendations
Obtain buy in for organizational changes, team commitments, and expenditures in excess of approved budget
Establish goals and objectives with timetables for the organizational unit and sub-units supervised
Select subordinates with approval of appropriate supervisors; delegate to each necessary authority and responsibility for performance of assigned functions
Train, develop, motivate and discipline subordinates, as necessary, to meet established goals; review and appraise their work performance
Implement government laws and regulations and adhere to established rulings of government authorities
Maintain portfolio CapEx plan and assist in preparing forward looking Real Estate outlook
Schedule internal, external and client resources on a portfolio level

Key Competencies
1. Communication Proficiency (oral and written)

2. Client Focus

3. Leadership

4. Technical Proficiency

5. Consultation

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