OWS2.0 Preview: Get AHEAD With These Talks

NTT DATA and the Culture of Speed

Just like the well-known TED Talks, the ideas you’ll hear in the new AHEAD Talks will be worth spreading throughout your organization. These short 18-minute presentations at OWS2.0 focused on technology and the workforce of the future will get you thinking and stir some Summit excitement.

Join Eric Clark, Chief Digital Officer for NTT DATA Services, as he discusses the “Culture of Speed.” For a preview on what’s in store for the audience, read on for a Q&A with Clark.

P: Tell me about yourself and your background.

As Chief Digital Officer for NTT DATA Services, I help our clients focus on their digital-first and cloud-first agendas. My background includes positions in consulting, IT, software and services as well as in various vertical industries including manufacturing, retail, financial services and government.

P: What is the topic of your keynote and why are you excited to speak about it?

As modern society has become increasingly digitalized, consumers and businesses around the world have developed an insatiable “need for speed.” Technology heightens our expectations, and then it is used to surpass them again and again. We’ll explore the phenomenon we’re calling “Culture of Speed,” how it’s changing the nature of business, and how organizations can adapt and thrive in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace. In a race to remain relevant in this repeating cycle of acceleration, companies are under constant pressure to get to market faster with products and services that bring speed to their customers as well. “Slow” has become another word for obsolete.

P: What do you hope audience members will take away from your session?

I hope audience members will step away from the discussion with the understanding that digital does not have to be disruptive. For the foreseeable future, transformation can no longer be viewed as a finite initiative to be completed. Because competing in the Culture of Speed is not a single sprint to the finish line – it’s a new way of life for every business, their employees, and the customers they serve.

P: Is there another topic/theme/event at OWS2.0 beyond yours that you interested in?

Man vs. Machine is interesting to me. I’ll be discussing what it takes for organizations to keep up with a hyper-competitive atmosphere and how they can look at AI, machine learning and RPA as tools in their journey.

P: Do you have a recommendation for something fun to do when in the Orlando area?

Orlando boasts so many activities. Check out the fireworks at Epcot Center or authentic Japanese food at Morimoto Disney Springs.

P: How long have you been involved with IAOP? Why did you join and what’s the greatest benefit you receive from being a member?

NTT DATA has been a member since 2016 and in that time, our members have enjoyed and benefitted from exceptional events, professional development opportunities, and the ability to contribute subject matter expertise during IAOP’s premiere conference, the Outsourcing World Summit. This year, I’m delighted to be invited to participate in the Summit’s new AHEAD Talks sessions to discuss the “Culture of Speed.” These talks allow leaders to share their visions regarding technology and the workforce of the future and the impact they will have on our industry.

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