Top 10 Sourcing Destinations: The Supply Wisdom Country Risk Index


Enterprises of all sizes source globally to varying extents. Sourcing from different locations offers immense opportunities for value creation. However, each location also creates or magnifies supply and sourcing chain risks.

Location-specific parameters play a critical role in sourcing decisions. Supply Wisdom’s location risk intelligence enables sourcing and procurement practitioners to make better sourcing decisions. As a real-time and continuous risk monitoring service, Supply Wisdom monitors a number of locations – both countries and cities – for risks and opportunities.

Location risk is one of the primary causes of actual business disruption. A comprehensive location risk analysis based on an objective framework strengthens sourcing decisions.

Here are the top 10 sourcing destination based on their location risk!

The Supply Wisdom Country Risk Index quantifies the location risk of top sourcing destinations through a Composite Location Risk Score. Without much ado, here is the Supply Wisdom Country Risk Index for Q2, 2019!


The Supply Wisdom Country Risk Index: Methodology


The Supply Wisdom Country Risk Index is based on our proprietary location risk monitoring framework. Supply Wisdom goes beyond everyday operational risks, delving into a variety of parameters that directly influence sourcing choices and business operations across eight distinct location risk categories:

  • Macro-Economic Risk
  • Financial Risk
  • Geo-Political Risk
  • Infrastructure Risk
  • Business Risk
  • Legal, Security and Compliance Risk
  • Scalability Risk
  • Quality of Life Risk


Each risk category includes multiple qualitative and quantitative parameters. The result is a Composite Location Risk Score, which includes 170 location risk parameters. Here is how the top 10 sourcing destinations scored on the Composite Location Risk.


Supply Wisdom performs this exercise every quarter on top sourcing locations. For an in-depth look at the index, Q-on-Q comparative location risk scores, and explanatory notes, go here.

If you are interested in a comprehensive Location Risk report for the Top 10 sourcing locations with detailed scores and analyses for each location risk category, email

Author Profile

John Bree, Senior Vice President, Supply Wisdom, a NeoGroup company

John Bree is a SVP & Partner with Neo Group, Inc. an international Advisory and Solutions firm supporting major corporations beyond Advice to Outcomes, in the areas of Governance Support and Risk Monitoring, Global Talent, Automation, Analytics, and Process Optimization.

During his long financial industry career John has developed and managed Vendor & Third-Party Sourcing Risk Management, AML/CTF, KYC, and Anti-Fraud programs. He has held senior positions in New York, Tokyo, Singapore, and London for Citi and Deutsche Bank covering corporate, investment, commercial and consumer banking operations.

John is a member of the Shared Assessments Steering Committee and Co-Chair of the Financial Industry Vertical Strategy Group.

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